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   Cypress DX W at Turner's Cycling and Fitness

Riding smooth and easy on the street and paved trails. No hunching over, no skinny tires, no flying down a mountain at 60 MPH. A shock in the seat sure softens the ride, and an upright body position lets you see up ahead. ("CROSS" means a cross between a mountain bike body position and a road bike wheelsize)

 Defy Composite 3 at Turner's Cycling and Fitness

40 miles in one trip just isn't enough. You ride fast, but you'd like to ride faster. The streets aren't just for cars (but you'll keep up with one). These are the world's fastest and lightest bikes, using the world's best frame materials. Giant's Compact Road Design provides lighter, stiffer frames than other brands.

Escape 3 at Turner's Cycling and Fitness
The opportunities are limitless. Cruise the bike paths, explore the neighborhoods, run errands with pedal power. Quick and a breeze to ride; freedom and comfort rolled into one. Sporty enough for fitness, yet perfect for commuting (and enjoying it). If you're not quite ready for a road bike, a Hybrid Sport is the perfect starting point.

XTC Composite 29er 3 at Turner's Cycling and Fitness 
Dirt is your friend. Your tires see no pavement. A good day on the bike is when you only fall off two or three times. A log is nothing more than a speedbump on your way to another jump. All have shocks on the front. Some have shocks in the rear. Mountain bikes explore places where others not even dare walk.

Roam XR2 at Turner's Cycling and Fitness 

The road less traveled is...probably bumpy, and probably not paved. Or maybe it is. Either way, a Hybrid X-Road bike gets you where you're going and handles any terrain. You'll sit more comfortably than a road or mountain bike, and the wheels and tires are that perfect level of in-between. Indecision never felt so good.

Bella at Turner's Cycling and Fitness 

There are bikes for kids aged 2-12. We have sturdy Aluminum Tricycles and 12" bikes for 2-4 year olds, 16" bikes for 3-6 years, 20" (with coaster brakes OR with handbrakes OR with gears and handbrakes) for 5-8 years, and 24" for 8-12 years.